My journey as a healer began in Argentina in 1983.It was then that I started my studies as a Medical Doctor. In 1989 I graduated as a General Practitioner.

Invariably, my passion has been to connect in a deep way with people and from there to co-create the conditions for healing. I have always had a genuine interest in people and their feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Therefore, after graduating, I felt it was absolutely necessary to learn and grow in other fields. Thus I did my two masters degrees, becoming a Psychoanalyst in 1992 and a Psychiatrist in 1995. At the same time, and as part of the graduate I worked extensively in public and private sectors, gaining both personal and professional experience.

After moving to South Africa in 2000, I continued providing and applying my knowledge and skills as a therapist. Here, I have worked privately gaining considerable experience in the subject of culture shock and uprooting, among others.

By then, I had connected to and understood suffering in its physical, mental and emotional aspects. It was then a natural step in my journey to expand and deepen the spiritual aspect as well. Reiki brought that dimension into my life and practice. In 2010 I trained in the art of Usui Reiki completing the Advanced Level of Usui Reiki. After finishing this, I did my training as Karuna© Reiki Advanced Therapist. To enhance this art further I trained extensively in the use of Crystals for healing purposes.

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