Reiki is a complementary and alternative therapy to traditional medicine, developed in Japan. It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through our being and all beings. It is what causes us to be alive. If the "life force energy" of a person is low, then he/she is more likely to get sick or feel stressed, and if it is high, that person is more capable of being happy
and healthy.

Using certain techniques, the Reiki practitioner facilitates the replenishment of the energy, encouraging healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It also promotes stress reduction and relaxation.

The Reiki practitioner serves as a medium that allows the healing energy to go where it is most needed.

But besides it is a therapy, Reiki is also a path to cultivate the spirit. The Five Principles of Life that this discipline follows are:
Just for today don’t get angry
Just for today don’t worry
Just for today be grateful
Just for today work hard (on yourself)
Just for today be kind to others

The early life of the Usui System should not be understood as a rigid rule catalog. His intention is to provoke our thoughts and reflect on our lives.

Therapeutic Counselling

Therapeutic Counselling helps people who are experiencing difficulties with relationships, bereavement, depression, stress or other personal problems, and those who want to improve the way they handle the stresses of everyday life.

Advice is not offered,but working together , the client and the therapist will be able to examine the client's options and explore his/her own solutions in a calm and confidential setting. This process will allow the person to come to his /her own answers or decision in order to rich their full potential or to cope better with problems in life.

All Therapies can be done personally or at distance. For more information, please refer to each individual treatment.

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